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That’s kind of pretty

While garden balls aren’t really my style, this one is really lovely.  Via Mighty Haus.

Foot-in-mouth disease

I have it. Yesterday at lunch time, I went to the bird store to pick up a bag of safflower seeds. It’s the only birdseed I’ve found that is loved by the songbirds, yet doesn’t draw the squirrels onto my deck in droves.

Of course it’s not widely available and is more expensive.


Anyway, the owner of the store was a fraternity brother of my ex-husband’s. Of course I asked after his wife, who was a few years ahead of me but in my sorority. I hadn’t seen them since Scotty’s funeral, but I always liked both of them.

At which point he told me rather bitterly that they were “no longer together”, because she’d decided to leave him for her boss.

Ummmmm. Well.

Sorry to have brought that one up, Tom.

Go say hello

LL is now posting at Gardenaut – go say hi!

In other news, apparently Mark and Lauren spent the ride to school discussing where babies come from. Glad I didn’t drive her today.


In more other news, the chocolate orange bundt cake is apparently pretty good. I’ve decided to make it again, this time with some raspberry preserves and possibly chopped raspberries instead of orange zest. Almond extract instead of orange extract. Doesn’t that sound yummy? It was really easy, too. Maybe to take to Mom and Dad’s on Sunday, or maybe to take to Lauren’s school on Monday, along with some more chai latte cupcakes. The testing window starts Monday, so this will be a treat for the teachers and administrators. They’ll all be stressing . . .

Anybody up for this?

If you like gardening and like to write a bit, this might be a good thing for you.


Time to plant

And just in time for spring gardening to start, ZRecs (a blog I love) has launched a new gardening site called Gardenaut.

It includes a web-based garden planner to help determine when to plant your garden based on climate and microclimate. It’s a partial match to what I’ve been looking for over the last couple of years. I’m sure this type of tool must exist, but I haven’t yet found it.

I want a web-based calendar of sorts where I can plug in the common names of all the plants and flowers I have in my yard, and that would show and/or remind me when to plant, feed, prune, harvest, etc. This information exists online in a variety of gardening databases – there is very specific information out there about different plants. But nothing that gives a framework to compile it all in one place, visually, and based on a calendar. Sure, it’s easy enough to look up the care and maintenance of japonica in Zone 6, but how likely am I to do that for every plant? I don’t actually have the time to look up (or remember!) plants individually from year to year, especially as our garden develops over time. If it were linked up with a virtual garden plan – and those exist too – I would be so happy. Also if it leaned toward the organic end of gardening. I would just like to be able to look at a calendar on a spring or summer weekend and know what we need to do for our yard at that time. Hell, I’d even pay for it, and you know that’s saying something. Maybe we’ll create such a thing, make a million dollars, and retire to Europe.

This is kind of close, but not for the US. This is kind of close too. But not quite. I want something specific, and based on the plants we actually have in our yard.

Hmmmm. We’ve been there for almost 5 years and very little of the yard is landscaped, of course, so this is partially wishful thinking. Maybe this spring we can get some work done on that, now that Sam is a bit older. We have a plan done by a landscape architect when we first bought the house. I love that plan. I wish we were rich and could just pay someone to come fix it and make it look like that.

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