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Too much work

I have been working every night for the last couple of weeks. Between that and the kids’ activities, I can’t remember the last time I actually cooked. This makes me sad beyond words. 😦

I’ll be back when I can.

Why I shouldn’t watch much tv

So I’ve been laid up for a few days with a virus.  I’m working from home today (no, really, I am), but the tv is on.  Now, I like TLC, but I keep seeing this horrible ad for Toddlers & Tiaras, and I’m highly disturbed by that show.  Good gracious, I don’t think I’ve worn that much make up in my whole life.  Yelling “Work it!” from the audience?  Saying “Shake that bootie good!”  And these are CHILDREN!  I mean, these parents DO know that they aren’t actually large Barbie dolls, right?  Or small hookers?

Nice message to send your daughters, don’t you think?  You CAN judge a book by its cover!  Hell, who cares about the insides if you look pretty!  You WON!!!  And isn’t that what really matters?

Another message that is disturbing me at present is happening on one of the baby shows that’s on right now.

Here’s a guy, his wife is having their third child.  He COMPLAINED that her figure wasn’t ever the same as it was before their first child was born, and was “encouraging” her to get back in shape after this baby is born.

I decided right then that he was a loser.

Then, he’s going on about what a wonderful mother she is, how she gets up early, goes to work, comes home, cooks supper, does baths and bedtimes, and still keeps up the house!

My first thought:  Dude, exactly what is it that YOU do??

But then, he rented a limo for the day, gave her flowers, and bought her a piece of jewelry to show how much he loved her.

I mean, I really do like shiny things, but fortunately I do not have expensive tastes.  This is a fact for which my husband is ever grateful. 

This guy is just getting on my nerves. By all appearances during this show, she’s responsible for the kids and the house and bringing in an income.  Somewhere in there she needs to find time to lose weight and get in shape, too.  But I’m sure a shiny rock really makes it worth her while.  Lets him right off the hook, don’t you think?

Grrrrr.  I really shouldn’t watch tv.  But I am grateful that my husband doesn’t see things that way.  I mean, particularly in the last few days, he’s taken care of just about everything with the kids and around the house so I could rest and try to get better.  I am lucky.


We’re heading to the lake on Saturday for the kick-off to the summer season, and the Memorial Day potluck and silent auction.

Lauren has her first softball game tonight, and she’s very excited about it.

I’m going through the kids’ clothes to weed out the fall/winter stuff, sort out what might fit them later, and what I can donate/sell.

It’s shorts and sandals weather!  Sam loves to play outside, dig in the dirt, play in his sandbox . . .

Lauren’s getting very excited about going to horse camp in June.  Me, not so much!  I’ve never been away from her this long unless I was traveling – in other words, not voluntarily.  She’s only spent more than one night away on one or two occasions, and that was with my folks at the lake.

Yes, summer is finally arriving!

So HOW COME Lauren has almost 4 more weeks of school??????  That’s really going to suck.  Their last day is June 12th, can you imagine?

Darn dog

You know it’s not a great day when you come home to an empty box of girl scout cookies.

And a mess on the recently cleaned carpet.

And the cookies were for someone else.

And a dog with a guilty face.

I’d bet the cat was in on it too.

Ya takes the good with the bad

The good news?  There’s a Woot-Off today.

The bad news?  It’s my turn for the evil stomach bug that has gone from Sam to Mark to me.  I hope Lauren’s not next!

Hope you’re feeling better than I am.

I am entirely out of sorts today

Last night, Mark told me that one of Lauren’s friends at school’s illness is actually terminal. 

I had no idea. 

I mean, I knew he was in a wheelchair, but I didn’t know that his life expectancy is only pre-teen, maybe 11 or 12?  He’s 9, and has some sort of muscular wasting disease.  I cannot imagine how his parents deal with this, or how he does, for that matter.  It must feel like a freight train rushing down on them, coming closer and closer.  He’s a sweet kid, super bright.  That sucks.

Then this morning, I woke up hard from a horrible, awful, terrible nightmare, which I’d rather not describe.  It was about the kids, of course; nightmares are always about that particular topic.  But I just can’t seem to shake it off this morning.

So I’m out of sorts.  Any tips to get over it?


Hmmmmm.  It says something that a 3 year old can operate my iPhone.  Those Apple dudes and dudettes know a thing or two about a good UI.

That said, it also appears that 3 year olds can screw up my phone pretty well too.  Sam was playing a game on my phone earlier tonight, and when he went to bed, I put it in the charger.  I grabbed it a while later, because I hadn’t synced it in a while, and thought I’d do that this evening.  It was . . . messed up.  I shouldn’t really blame him, because I don’t know that he did anything to it.  But there we are – it’s farked now.

So I had to reset it, and now it’s syncing again.  I expect the order of my apps will be all messed up, so that should be fun to fix.  I have a lot of apps on there.  For the children, you know.  And yes, I am OCD enough to want them a particular way.


Tis the season . . . to be disappointed

So now, a few days before xmas, Elder Child has decreed that the only things she wants this year are Tinker Toys and an American Girl Doll.  Specifically the Julie doll.  With the earrings.

I was wondering when that phase would hit her.  Apparently, it’s now.  All her friends have one, don’t you know?  Sadly, neither of those things are going to be under the tree (although the Tinker Toys are a possibility, from Mark’s sis, maybe).  I’m not buying her the doll at all.  I’m done shopping, and those things cost a damned fortune.

Should be a fun xmas morning.  Hopefully she’ll be ok once she sees all the cool things that will be under the tree on Wednesday.  Gotta love the holidays!

This day is not improving

While out running errands at lunch (no food for me today!), I realized that one of my headlights is out.  And we’re expecting up to 4 inches of snow and ice this afternoon and tonight.  So that should be fun.

When Mark gets home tonight, I’ll run the car to Valvoline – need an oil change anyway.

I don’t expect Lauren will have school tomorrow, and Sam’s preschool will be iffy if there actually is a bad winter storm.  So that means I’ll be home with the kiddos tomorrow if Sam’s preschool is closed.  It can be fun hanging out with the kids, but is also likely to drive me more batty than usual.

Not my best morning

Mark had to leave early this am to be at a training in Louisville at 8:00.

So of course, we were late getting out the door.  The kids didn’t have their shoes and socks on, Lauren couldn’t find her hairbrush, I nearly forgot Sam’s sheet and blanket for nap time, etc., etc., etc.

Lauren was tardy.  Sam started having a screaming fit in the car because he wanted to take a different route (“Take that path, Mommy!  No!!!!!  I don’t want to go on this path!!!”).  He refused to get out of the car, so I carried him in to the day care, kicking and screaming.  And he was still screaming like a banshee when I left.

On my way to work, I realized that I forgot to bring the ham that Mark made yesterday, which was going to be a little treat for my co-workers.

I was late to work.

And now I realize that I forgot to put a snack in Lauren’s backpack for this afternoon.

Things can only improve from here, I hope!!

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