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I’m clearly having an issue with drinks

Last night, after the bedtime drama, I was sitting on the couch and I decided a beer sounded good.

Get the beer, open it, set it on the coffee table, sit on the couch, reach for the laptop, and ka-boom.

The laptop cord was behind the bottle, and the bottle went flying off the coffee table.  It asploded.  All over the floor, the couch, fizzing up madly while I made a wild dash for the kitchen sink.

Yay, me!

So just now, I opened a plastic soda bottle at my desk at work.  Sure enough, as soon as I opened the lid, it fizzed up all over me, my keyboard, my desk, and my floor.

I think I have a drinking problem.

Oh, dammit

I Want Sandy is going away.  ACK!!!!!!!!

I hate that I’m going to have to take out a 9 year old

One of Lauren’s friends at school was scaring her with details and apparently reenactment of scenes from Chucky.  Nice.  Why a 3rd grader has any knowledge of a horror movie from 1988 is completely beyond me.  Her family situation is a little rocky, I think, but still.

Now I have an 8 year old who’s scared to be alone in her room, complete with nightmares and demands that a grown up sleep in her (twin!) bed with her tonight.

It seems a shame to hurt a kid, but that seems like my best option at the moment – I may have to hurt that kid tomorrow.  Or perhaps her parents – because why in the hell does a kid know anything about that movie, really?  That may be bugging me more than anything else right now.  That’s just wrong.

None of my Mommy tricks are working at the moment.  Daddy’s giving it a try now.

Should be a fun night.

Hello, blog. I’ve missed you.

I haven’t had much to say here lately, I know.  I’m sure both of you are terribly, terribly bothered by that.  It’s not that I’ve been busier (well, not more than usual) lately.  Here’s why:

  1. I’ve been spending more time on facebook than WordPress.  Even though ScribeFire makes it so easy.
  2. My life is actually pretty boring, when you get right down to it.
  3. Let’s just blame the children, shall we?
  4. The husband?
  5. PTA?
  6. No?  Ok, then.  Let’s try harder . . .
  7. Politics and the upcoming election are sucking up all my free time (reading political blogs) and thought processes (what little I have left at this point).
  8. My back has really been killing me lately with the sciatica, and damn near every other word out of my mouth is all bitchy.  Who wants to hear that?  Not you, I’m betting.

That’s it.  How’s that for a list of excuses reasons?  I don’t know when it will change, but if you use an RSS reader, I’m sure you’ll find out at the same time I do, when more frequent and possibly even more interesting posts automagically appear.

Lots more pics

Carol Ann very kindly took about a million photos, and since I’m all about oversharing, click HERE to see them.

You can see in some photos that I was very carefully writing down who gave which present to Lauren, so that she could write her thank you notes.

Then I very carefully folded that note and put it in the pocket of my jeans.

And washed them.

Because I’m an idgit.


PTA politics are FUN!!!!!!

Worst. Day. Ever.

Nah, not really. I had many worse days at my previous employment, and certainly far more when I was a social worker.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

But all in all, this isn’t a good one. TGIF.

In case you hadn’t noticed

I’m too damned busy to blog right now. Expect that to be SOP for the next little bit. Busiest time of year at work, launching a major web app with a zillion loose ends and roadblocks, and data review starting. Plus school’s started, PTA is keeping me busy, not to mention the kids.

Yeah, I’m going to be hard to find for a while.

Story of my life


I tried to care, but you would not shut up.

Darn it all

I just checked Sam’s email account, because he had a new message a couple of weeks ago that I hadn’t gotten around to reading. Yes, at this point the kids don’t even know their passwords, parental control and all that. They don’t need it, really, it just makes it easier to keep things organized for me. Besides, as you can imagine, The Boy doesn’t get a whole lot of email.

But this email actually mattered. It was notifying him/me that Zude (where I have the kids start pages, with all their stuff – links and games and such) is closing down their beta and moving into a new development phase focusing on enterprise users. This is as of September 30th.

Guess I’ve got some work to do to move all those links and stuff to new start pages for the kids, don’t I? At least there’s plenty of notice. Of course, this would happen at my very busiest time of the year work-wise. Isn’t that always the way?

Maybe ZCubes? Netvibes, which I love, but it’s not very “pretty” for the kids. Pageflakes? I don’t know, I’ll have to hunt down some options. Alternatively, I could just pay for a domain and hosting and do it my own damn self, knowing it won’t disappear on me. Here’s a question for the hub, since he dealt with the cable company to get high speed set up – does our internet service provide any webspace to customers? I think the old plan in the real town did, but we didn’t need it then. Don’t know about here, and I certainly have my doubts.

If not, I might just pay actual money to have the space to put their links. Lastname.com, maybe. Have to check to see if it’s available.

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