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Why I shouldn’t watch much tv

So I’ve been laid up for a few days with a virus.  I’m working from home today (no, really, I am), but the tv is on.  Now, I like TLC, but I keep seeing this horrible ad for Toddlers & Tiaras, and I’m highly disturbed by that show.  Good gracious, I don’t think I’ve worn that much make up in my whole life.  Yelling “Work it!” from the audience?  Saying “Shake that bootie good!”  And these are CHILDREN!  I mean, these parents DO know that they aren’t actually large Barbie dolls, right?  Or small hookers?

Nice message to send your daughters, don’t you think?  You CAN judge a book by its cover!  Hell, who cares about the insides if you look pretty!  You WON!!!  And isn’t that what really matters?

Another message that is disturbing me at present is happening on one of the baby shows that’s on right now.

Here’s a guy, his wife is having their third child.  He COMPLAINED that her figure wasn’t ever the same as it was before their first child was born, and was “encouraging” her to get back in shape after this baby is born.

I decided right then that he was a loser.

Then, he’s going on about what a wonderful mother she is, how she gets up early, goes to work, comes home, cooks supper, does baths and bedtimes, and still keeps up the house!

My first thought:  Dude, exactly what is it that YOU do??

But then, he rented a limo for the day, gave her flowers, and bought her a piece of jewelry to show how much he loved her.

I mean, I really do like shiny things, but fortunately I do not have expensive tastes.  This is a fact for which my husband is ever grateful. 

This guy is just getting on my nerves. By all appearances during this show, she’s responsible for the kids and the house and bringing in an income.  Somewhere in there she needs to find time to lose weight and get in shape, too.  But I’m sure a shiny rock really makes it worth her while.  Lets him right off the hook, don’t you think?

Grrrrr.  I really shouldn’t watch tv.  But I am grateful that my husband doesn’t see things that way.  I mean, particularly in the last few days, he’s taken care of just about everything with the kids and around the house so I could rest and try to get better.  I am lucky.

I’m jumping on this with both feet

Lauren will love this.

Quote from Daily Grommet:

Tikatok is a free online community where kids under thirteen can write, illustrate, publish, and print their own books. Young authorscreate and save works using StorySparks interactive templates. (There’s no extra software to download.) Tikatok lets kids store works-in-progress in a private account and allows them to share stories with the community in a safe, parent-moderated environment. Kids’ identities are even protected with their own nom de plume!

Tikatok masterpieces can be emailed to friends, sent to Tikatok book clubs, or posted on blogs. Hard copies can be ordered for about $20 each. Best of all Tikatok connects budding storytellers and fosters a lifelong passion for reading. And they lived happily ever after. The end.

More details:

  • A free creative online community where kids can write and publish books
  • Write, Illustrate, Publish and Print your books
  • Share your books with the world: Your books live forever in the Tikatok library
  • Use the Tikatok interactive StorySparks™ templates to help create your story
  • Save your book within the book editor
  • Your book lives within the Tikatok website – there’s no software to download or install
  • Your book and your privacy are fully protected
  • Collaborate with your friends, write a book together
  • Allow 10-12 days after submitting edited book for printing and shipping

Don’t forget to vote!

The 2008 Weblog Awards

Lots of new blogs that I’m not familiar with this year, and some that are very interesting.  This is good.  Because what I really need is more stuff on my Netvibes page that I don’t have time to read now.  That would be fab.

Shuffling away

So I’m sitting here at work this afternoon, listening to the music on my phone on shuffle.

And it occurs to me that I really need to add some more up-tempo music.  Most of the music I seem to have is kind of slow and low.  If I were depressed . . .

Man, it could get really ugly.

The floor is open for suggestions, with a few caveats.  I despise country music.  Metal, techno, and punk generally give me a terrible headache, and my taste runs more toward Coldplay, Jack Johnson, and The Fray lately. 

I hate that I’m going to have to take out a 9 year old

One of Lauren’s friends at school was scaring her with details and apparently reenactment of scenes from Chucky.  Nice.  Why a 3rd grader has any knowledge of a horror movie from 1988 is completely beyond me.  Her family situation is a little rocky, I think, but still.

Now I have an 8 year old who’s scared to be alone in her room, complete with nightmares and demands that a grown up sleep in her (twin!) bed with her tonight.

It seems a shame to hurt a kid, but that seems like my best option at the moment – I may have to hurt that kid tomorrow.  Or perhaps her parents – because why in the hell does a kid know anything about that movie, really?  That may be bugging me more than anything else right now.  That’s just wrong.

None of my Mommy tricks are working at the moment.  Daddy’s giving it a try now.

Should be a fun night.

Amazing story

Pilot lands without a scratch after going blind at 15,000ft

Updated site – you should click the link


Go. Vote.

Where?  Here.

For inspiration:


great pictures




Either way, coolness abounds.

Hilarious Dr. Seuss

Via Miss Cellania

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