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What to make next?

Probably something from here.  What do you think it should be?

Facebook killed my blog

Not pulling the plug, though.  I might come back to it some day.  Or not.  Whatever.

In case you’re interested in the minutae of our life . . .

Vacation, Summer 2009 at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: GPS Trip Sharing with Google Maps

Dang, can’t seem to get this working. Will keep trying.

Yay, good news!

I just got the approval form for Lauren’s out of district placement, so she can stay at her current school for another year. Yay!!!!

Also, today is Mark’s 40th birthday, so happy, happy birthday to my dear husband!

Made of awesome, I tell ya

Our president

Story of my life

Sometimes, it pays to be late

I *hate* to be late. But I am sometimes late to work by 15 minutes or so, depending on what time Mark leaves with the kids. I get ready really fast, far faster than most chicks. I’m sort of a low-maintenance kind of a girl.

Today, it’s a good thing that I’m late. I was just getting ready to walk out the door when Mark called from our building.

Well, from outside our building.

Apparently there’s a fire in the tower, and they’ve evacuated. There’s no sense driving down there to stand outside in the rain, so I’m going to work from home for a bit.

I may have to re-think this whole promptness thing.

That funny boy

The Boy has been full of the funny for the last couple of days.

Yesterday, Mark picked him up, then picked me up at home, with the plan that he would drop me off to pick up my car at the shop.  Either Sam would stay with me and we would get Lauren from her school nearby, or Sam and Mark would go pick her up. 

So they were discussing whether Sam would stay with Daddy or Mommy, and Sam was adamant that he and Mark would go pick up Lauren.  Why????

Because as he put it:

“It’s our JOB to go get Sissy.  And it’s our PLEASURE!”

I have no idea where he gets this stuff.

Then today, I picked up the kids, Sam first since his day care is near the office.  He and I were goofing around being kind of silly in the car, then I said something, I have no idea what.  But he thought it was great, so he said:

“Rock and roll, bay-beeeeeee!!!!!!”

I have no idea.

Anybody like to read?

Because I do, and I miss it.  Now that Sam is getting older, maybe I can make time to read again.

I’m thinking of starting a book club on booksprouts.

Yay, January is almost over!

It’s not my favorite month.  This #*$&(#* ice storm hasn’t helped.

But, things are looking up.  Sam is pretty much potty trained.  My folks will be home tomorrow.  And Lauren has written a book, using that website I posted about the other day. 

Yes, I’m totally buying the book.  How silly of you to ask!

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