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Under the heading of “Hope springs eternal . . .”

The Boy, last night:  “You know what?  I like green beans!”

This is news.  Big news.

I blame too many readings of Green Eggs and Ham.  But I have my doubts about S’ unprovoked declaration.  I think Mark will cook tonight, and I plan to ask him to fix green beans.  As a little test, you see. 

Drama Queen, aka Elder Child, had a sad morning.  Her one remaining hamster was just laying there on the wheel, and would barely even move her head.  Considering that chinese dwarf hamsters have a life expectancy of 2 – 3 years, and we’ve had them for 3 years . . . we figured the end is nigh.

L was very sad as she headed to school, very teary.  And asked us to check on her at lunch time.

Mark went home at lunch, and the hamster was moving around as usual, seemed to be fine.  I suppose she was just chilling this morning.  Now there’s a dramatic hamster.

Dramatic hamster, did you say?

kitten needs a home

So my uncle called me, and they have been at their cabin at the lake for the last few days.  They have been adopted by an abandoned kitten.  It looks to be about 2 months old, solid black, with bright green eyes.  It’s been there for several days, and where they are, it’s unlikely to be just lost.  It’s very friendly, according to my uncle, and loves to be petted – seems to be desperate for attention.  It’s not feral, in other words.

My aunt and uncle can’t keep it, because their son-in-law is severely allergic to cats.  I’d love to have another cat, but my husband disagrees, the big meanie.  He says I can have outside cats, but no more in the house.  Meanie.

Right now it’s still at the lake – they left out some food for it on the deck.  If other animals don’t eat the food, of course.  If I can find a home, they’ll go back to see if it’s still there.  I suspect it will be, since they’ve fed it and petted it. 

So I’m asking – do you know of anyone who would give this little guy/girl a good home?


Amazing animals

Now this is one determined dog!!!

Now that’s a funny LOLcat

Funny boy

Sam is playing in his room with some of his thousands of cars, trucks, and trains.

I went in to check on him, and he was giggling. He pointed to the cat who was reclining on the changing table, and said,

“Addison needs a diaper change!”

Then he just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Funny boy.

Go meet Charley

Click here and meet Charley, at Miss Cellania. Cats rock.

This day is . . . interesting

So I went home at lunch to let Susie out (The Hubby volunteered to go take care of The Boy’s legs). I was going to let the dog out and then run to the grocery.

I didn’t make it to the grocery.

See, when I walk in the front door, the dog and the cat both generally come running. Today, only the dog came. The cat was nowhere to be found!

I searched high, and I searched low. Could not find Addison anywhere. No meowing, even. I finally heard a little scritch, scritch, scratch in Lauren’s room. Looked all over the place and couldn’t find her, and then I opened up one of the drawers.

And there she was. Thirsty, but not much the worse for wear.

See, I thought my morning was pretty crappy, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as Addy’s! It’s all about the perspective.

In better news, they’re making a movie of The Tale of Desperaux (awesome kiddie book), and it doesn’t look horrible.


Plus also, my dear Hubby picked up lunch for me (yum – falafel sandwich and hummus), and I’ll go to the grocery immediately after work so I can make it to the PTA meeting on time. So that’s ok. Tonight, I’ll make Peaches & Cream Pie and Caramel Apple Pie. Baking is therapeutic.

What was I going to say?

Oh, yeah. I have a minor stomach bug – it’s better today, but I’m working from home, just in case. Fun fun fun!

My folks are coming up tonight to go with us to the Expo. It will be extremely hot, but it should be fun. L is very excited about riding the rides and eating junk food. Of course!

Oh, and I was going to brag on my girl. Again. Yesterday, her summer program walked all the kids over to the Expo, and the kids were allowed to bring money in case they wanted to buy any snacks or ride any rides. L decided to take a twenty, from her garage sale proceeds. I thought that was clearly way too much, and said so.

Then she told me about a friend of hers at the summer camp. “Mama, she doesn’t have a lot of money in her family, and I don’t know if she’ll be able to bring any money. I want her to be able to ride some rides too.”

I’m proud of my girl’s kind and generous spirit. It’s just one of the many, many things about her that make her such a cool kid.

This morning, the kids were getting up and ready, and the dog decided she needed to go out. Mark was in the shower, so I made sure Sam was settled, and took her out. When I came back in just a couple of minutes later, Lauren had gotten Sam cereal, with milk, and was fixing him some chocolate milk. All on her own. She’s a great little mom to him. We watch that, of course, because she doesn’t need to be or feel responsible for him. But it’s great that she helps out so much. Then she fixed her own breakfast too! Independent little thing.

Last night, Sam took a tumble in the bathroom (twice!) and knocked his head pretty good both times. Major nosebleed after the second bump, which scared both the kids tremendously. I even called the nurse on call at the peds office to be sure of what to watch out for, because it was a really hard hit. But he’s ok. We checked on him a couple of times in the late evening and early this morning. He was chipper and ready to go this morning. But it was scary.

Good he’s hard-headed!

For your enjoyment

You just might see someone you know at around the 3 minute mark . . .And every click will result in a donation to the Humane Society of the United States, I hear.

Click away, share with friends, rate it up at metacafe.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “For your enjoyment“, posted with vodpod


Four things, really.

  • I am a pest.  I was really curious about the school situation, so I just emailed the Superintendent this morning.  This afternoon, I got my reply.  Lauren stays at her current school next year, YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  • Also, I got another email this morning.  A while back, a kids’ music group was looking for pictures of kids with their dogs.  Hmmmmm.  I sent in a few, and she’s going to be in the video!  She has no idea, so don’t tell her!  I’m going to surprise her next Tuesday when it’s released.  I’ll post it here, natch.  It’s not my typical favorite sort of music, but it is a catchy tune.  Plus L will be thrilled to be in a music video . . .
  • What was that third thing?  Ummm.  Well . . .  OH, YEAH!  I remembered.  I really wanted to test out posting using the extension from Zemanta.  Seems to work.  Not sure how useful I’ll find it, especially since I almost always use ScribeFire for blogging, but we shall see.  Worth looking at, anyway, and easy enough to remove if I don’t use it.
  • Now for a downer.  I have a thing about shoe bargains.  I found some fabulous shoes at Endless and marked down more than 70% at Amazon, and I was ready to buy them.  Then I saw that Endless won’t price match with Amazon any more.  Sniff, sniff . . .

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